Custom Paint Services
Kwik Paint Products performs custom paint mixing and consulting services to various OEM paint-shops & manufacturers.
Kwik Paint Products performs light manufacturing & assembly services in their 55,000 square foot facility located in Detroit.
Commodity Management & Strategic Sourcing Programs
Commodity Management of paint shop and industrial supplies utilized in the OEM & tier paint shop. Kwik Paint Products excels by offering a systematic approach to the entire usage cycle for commodity products including; 1) Looking at buying patterns in the aggregate and by part, 2) Understanding the market forces surrounding specific parts, 3) Using information to drive the lowest cost, improving quality. reducing cycle times, driving part commonality, design of durable and robust products, consistency along with lowered unit cost.
Flexible Packaging
The Company offers a range of custom packaging in single or multi-layered pouches. Pouches can be in poly/foil or nylon or a combination of materials which are supplied either plain or printed and/or laminated providing long shelf-life properties. Packages are often requested in reusable poly containers offering convenient closeable lids. End products packaged include a variety of wipers including lint-free. Various markets served include both OEM and aftermarket automotive, and other OEM industrial paint process plants.
Professional Consulting
Kwik Paint Products offers a variety of consulting services to the full service paint shop. Consulting includes analysis of lighting adequacy and quality in both general & inspection areas. We offer analysis of workstation ergonomics, equipment recommendations, job work instructions and tips & guidelines.