Microfiber Towels & Cloths

Micro fiber towels and cloths are more specialized now with larger sizes for drying/cleaning and even towels made just for cleaning glass. The glass cleaning micro fiber has a smooth surface that allows the towel to glide over the surface without sticking or leaving lint behind.

MICROFIBER TOWELS Washing is easily done by just placing the products into a washing machine and washing with a mild detergent, preferably with out fragrances. There are four washings tips: (1) Never wash Microfiber products with cotton fabrics…especially towels! The Microfiber products will treat the lint generated by the cotton fabric like dirt and store the tiny cotton particles within the microfibers.(2) Never use fabric softener. The Microfiber will accumulate fabric softener as if it were “Scotch Guard” (water repellant) and saturate the microfibers, reducing their effectiveness. (3) Use low temperature when drying. (4) Do not use chlorine bleach.

YOU SHOULD WASH & MACHINE-DRY YOUR TOWELS BEFORE THEIR USE- Nothing will bang more lint out of the towel than a few good spin cycles in the dryer. Washing also makes your towels softer and more absorbent. Remember to clean the lint trap before and after each drying cycle. A good wash formula is ½ cup of mild detergent. This will help release any lint, break the towels in, and keep them fresh.